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Temple & Webster
King Living
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How GoHock works...

1. Find the perfect item for your place

If you've chosen delivery, choose a timeslot that suits you and we'll be there! Our team will place your piece exactly where you want it. If you've chosen pickup, arrange a time that suits both parties.

2. Choose pickup or delivery

We calculate delivery based on your distance from the seller, and the size of the item. Our experienced delivery team will manage your furniture with care and at a competitive price. Real-time tracking provided so you can follow your furniture when it’s on the way.

3. Find the perfect spot for your new addition

Transparent pricing and huge range. Don't worry, we've made sure to check all the details including the dimensions so you can make sure it's the right fit for your place.

1. Take some photos.

High quality photos increase your selling potential! Ensure to capture all angles.

2. Create your listing.

Sign up and post a new listing. Build a great listing with a detailed description and transparency on any wear and tear.

3. Wait for bites & sell!

If the buyer has purchased with delivery, you will be notified of a pick-up time from the GoHock team.

Why sell your furniture with us?

Selling with us makes life easy and puts money in your pocket.

Sustainability Impact

Extending the life cycle of pre-loved furniture and reducing unnecessary waste.

We take care of delivery for you

Real-time tracking with an experienced delivery team to manage the delivery end to end.

Increased buyer pool

Access to our delivery system, quality checks and reputation engages a wider pool of buyers who don't have access to a van or truck.

We've got you covered!

Secure payment

Secure and staged payments through Stripe allow us to get your money to you fast and safe.

Live Tracking

Track your pick-up or delivery in real-time.

GoHock Guarantee

Gohock offers protection for both buyers and seller during the transaction process.